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We invite you to the Walczaks' Cottage in Poland

The Walczaks’ Cottage

„Chata Walczakow” (The Walczaks’ Cottage) is a stylish highlander cottage situated in a stunning place in a range of Mount Gubalowka in Zakopane, Poland. The cottage is located 800 metres above sea level and it is close to the pastures where the highlanders tend their sheep from spring to autumn every year. From this place there is also a wonderful view at all of the Polish Tatra. You can reach the city centre within 30-40 minutes on foot.

The cottage offers eleven rooms with bathrooms and TV sets. We have rooms for 2, 3 or even on special demand, for 4 people. In our stone cellars you can find a swimming pool with a mountain waterfall and an upstream and massage, Finnish sauna with kombi – stove (dry and wet sauna), light chromo therapy, fire place room, play room and table tennis equipment. In the dining room on the ground floor you can drink hot coffee or tea at any time

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